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What a tender world that would be

Hi there! I'm Melly: German, teacher, Gothic, professional fangirl, Sherlockian, cumberbatched and hiddlestoned. But lately I've been mostly Ivanized!

I'm an amateur writer and a singer.

What you will find on my blog: Benedict Cumberbatch, Ivan Ozhogin, Tom Hiddleston, Sherlock Holmes, fanart (not my own, but a lot I admire), links to my fanfics ^^, Tanz der Vampire and lots of other stuff I love. So enter at your own risk. ;)


Been to the theatre tonight to see “Kabale und Liebe” (I have not the slightest clue how the title of that play is in English). It was great, very modern in a way, but with the “old language” of Schiller’s time. I didn’t really know what the play was about, only that it was a drama. It’s a bit Shakespearean with a young couple falling prey to the political schemes of the superiors. I really enjoyed it and the cast was pretty good. There was a guy that reminded me of David Tennant, though, so I was smiling everytime he was at the centre of the scene.

And I couldn’t help myself thinking about how Benedict would play the leading role, Ferdinand. I could almost picture him doing it. And I think he would fit perfectly into this part. ^^

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